Eventually, this will be the space for featuring all sorts of Atiq creations. For the moment we’ll begin by featuring a year of weekly Torah portion (Parsha) paintings and recordings by Atiq founder Adina Polen and others.


Here I was thinking about humans in formation from the earth, and the two trees (that may be one tree) that also emerge from that earth, and the four rivers that flow from the center and connect everything, and shabbat that is this gentle glowing calm where everything can just be what it is for a while.


Parshat Noach is pretty heartbreaking. There’s an overwhelm that comes from a sense of inevitability. The water that washes over everything would likely be beautiful if it wasn’t so devastatingly destructive. And through it all, the tiny ark tosses about…The one glimmer of delight that I find in this Parasha, that continues a theme from Breishit, is that children can take forward the promise and beginnings of projects from their parents and bring the initial movement or idea into reality. At the end of Breishit, Metushelach has the sense that his son Noach will find a way forward (this one will bring comfort from our ways); At the end of Noach, Terach begins the move to C’naan, and action that will take on greater meaning and purpose through his son and daughter-in-law Avram and Sarai.