Artist-in-Residence Program/Maker Kollel

Atiq is pleased to announce the launch of our inaugural cohort of the Maker Kollel, our artist in residence program.

A Bit of Background

Atiq is an applied arts Jewish learning organization located in Berkeley, CA, which is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Foundational sources (Tanach, Talmud, Midrash, Hasidut, poetry, oral history) are learned collaboratively and are brought to bear in the production of sacred material culture. 

Sacred material culture can mean an object or variety of objects in conversation or other kinds of interactive tangible resources for creating a particular experience that is an amplification, extension, re-articulation, or alternative reading of the Jewish texts, practices, rituals or traditions that formed the foundation of the work.

Examples of sacred material culture created or imagined at Atiq include a Yartzeit kit, designed to facilitate meaningful gathering with friends or family for a loved one's yartzeit (memorial of death day); an automata (moving sculpture meant to convey story or emotion) gallery that takes you through the whole arc of traditional tefillah as you operate each automata; a volvelle style interactive hagaddah designed for a seder of one.

In addition to community facing workshops around Jewish holidays and rituals, we also work with other Bay Area institutions such as Edah, Wonderful Idea Company, and the East Bay Jewish Federation to provide maker education with a Jewish lens. Our Maker Kollel is an opportunity for participating fellows to go deeper, to immerse in a sustained way in the work Atiq, in the sources and community of practice that inform the production of sacred material culture. This work, in turn, will inspire and enrich the community as a whole.


The Atiq Maker Kollel is a part time applied arts Artist in Residence program. During the course of this three month long fellowship, participants have a dedicated workspace/tiny desk within the Atiq studio and receive a modest monthly stipend for purchase of materials. Each fellow will choose a thread of inquiry to explore within Jewish tradition, and work towards the production of a sacred artifact that reflects on that thread of inquiry. Kollel fellows have the opportunity to work on their own, as a cohort, and to share work with the broader Bay Area community. Master Scholars and Artist/Makers will share their expertise in evening workshops, and all fellows will receive mentoring as they work on their projects. We are thrilled that the Maker Kollel will be offered in consortium with the Jewish Studio Project, wherein Kollel fellows will have the opportunity to attend community facing Jewish Studio Project workshops at no cost.

The inaugural cohort dates run from Sept. 3 - Nov 27.


Applicants should have some background in Jewish text study and work in the arts/making/craft (not necessarily in combination). While no specific degrees or certificates are required, you will be asked in the application to give a bit of detail about your experience in learning and art production.

Participation is open to people of Jewish heritage by birth or by choice, of all genders, denominational affiliation or lack thereof. If you are reading this and thinking, I wonder if I should apply?, please do! You are appreciated, and we would love to hear from you regardless of if the program ends up being the right fit.


Applications open June 17th. Please be in touch with any questions

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