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Adina Polen

Adina founded Beyond Noah's Ark in 2017. She's also an illustrator, graphic designer, musician, former middle school teacher, and Museum Educator at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. She believes that multi-sensory opportunities for spiritual quest are our birthright, and our future.


Rachel Bickel
creative director

Rachel is passionate about building engaged and diverse communities, and deepening the ways that material culture can support this effort. Rachel brings her experience as an active alumni member of Moishe House Vacnouver, and as a MA candidate in Library Science at UBC to her work at Beyond Noah's Ark. 


Ariel Mayse

As a member of the inaugural cohort of ordained Rabbis at Beit Midrash Harel, and a black belt in Karate, Ariel has always charted a unique spiritual path. Ariel is an assistant professor of Judaic Studies at Stanford University, with a focus on Hasidut and Kabbalah. He delights in finding ways to make the what might be esoteric within our tradition profoundly accessible and meaningful.


aliza Nelson Weiss
Program manager