What are we up to?

Maker Beit Midrash Series

Members of the collaborative will initiate or join projects of items to be created. All work will be informed by workshops in Jewish thought and text, spiritual pedagogy, and design thinking featuring guest speakers, which will be available to attend in person in Berkeley, or live stream/access video online. Regular structured members only critiques will further shape the work. Beyond Noah's Ark will provide each artist with support around production of their items, and sale of the items will happen through the Beyond Noah's Ark and artist's personal website.

Community workshops

Stand alone BNA workshops that are open to the whole community, in collaboration with other local organizations and local & visiting artists and educators.

What are we dreaming up?

Artists' Residency

An immersive residency program for a cohort of makers, drawing from a national applicant pool, with a particular focus on pre-professionals (ages 20-35) and early career artists and educators. Cohort members will spend some portion of their time leading community workshops in partnership with local organizations.

A kaleidoscope of resources 


A (non digital) Interactive siddur

The siddur we're working on has been described as a choose-your-own prayer adventure. It's aimed at being appropriate for 4 - 8 year olds, but will ultimately have relevance for spiritual seekers of all ages. We hope to lead workshops for parents on praying with your children in the home as we develop the siddur to get feedback and hear how it is being used.


Durable & beautiful Illustrated mini torah scroll

An illustrated mini Torah scroll with accompanying booklet of Torah text synopses. A valuable resource for any visual learner, and a way for anyone to feel a sense of entering into the unfurling connectedness of the whole Torah.


Jewish Sacred Year Subscription Box

Containing a variety of arts projects that arrive a few weeks in advance of major and minor Jewish holidays, and starting with a beautifully designed calendar to situate the family within the scared cycle of the year, the subscription would allow for meaningful holiday preparation in every home.