To Noah's Ark, and beyond!

 3D Paper Noah's Ark
3D paper Noah's Ark -- Once held surprisingly delicious cookies!

You know those colorful Noah's Ark drawings you can get for kids' rooms, or Noah's Ark plush sets with all the tiny stuffed animals that you can put in the stuffed ark? They're cute, definitely. And might attract interest for some stretch of time. But it is my firm belief that kids deserve better tools to engage their sense of wonder and help them frame their natural search for meaning in the world. Religion can play an important role in that meaning making, but it will not come through kitsch or simply through the transfer of basic religious concepts.

So what would that look like? What kinds of toys, games, art projects, books, songs, plays and works of art would invite deep questions and a journey towards essential human truths? Our children, and the adults they will become, deserve no less.

And so, I humbly present Beyond Noah's Ark: my attempt to move beyond the kitsch, cutesy, and under-considered, and discover what objects might help our children (and us!) develop into integrated human beings, fully present and awake in this incredible, mysterious, expansive universe of ours. I would be so thrilled if you would join me, friends, as we embark. Welcome aboard!