Team Journal Post #1


Hey Rockin team members! Rachel B. made the incredibly awesome suggestion that we keep a private log here of all the things were doing, key contacts made, grants applied for, thoughts thought, etc. as a way of all keeping informed in a centralized way. The hope is that this will also provide good foundations for blog posts, which would be reeeeally great to have posted in a more regular ongoing way. Aliza pointed out that it would be great for the blog posts to have a more focused approach to illustrate what we're actually doing, but I want to hear more about that from her. 

I'll try to fill this space out regularly from here on in, and at some point it would probably be good for all of us to have the ability to edit, yes? I think also ppl could comment in the comment section on each blog post, so we could all see questions, thoughts, etc.

Love to all,